Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Candle Holder

My daughter found this candle holder at one of my Dad's end table. She brought it out at the back porch and want to dress it up a little.

Here it is. She bought this red necklace for her Mom's birthday but then she used it and broke it lol.

Thank you so much everyone for always visiting. I just got done reviewing my books for tomorrows class.

9 Smart Readers SAID::

Manang Kim said...

John, Rylie is growing fast and pretty!! Happy RT!

Red is emergency

Leora said...

Well, the necklace sure is a nice way to decorate up a shot for a pretty Ruby Tuesday post! Love your daughter's pretty smile.

reg said...

I loved this pic and the red neck-lace it reminded me of my Grandmother as she always had one at the ready for company.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I love the magnificent camaraderie your family has for one another. I am amused no end. Has someone voted you for a Model Family yet?

Carletta said...

I think that looks very pretty with the flower arrangement!
She has a cute smile.

charmie said...

Your daughter is pretty.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Your daughter is gorgeous and what a charming display. It captures the essence of the theme in beautiful detail.

Dhemz said...

happy RT john...Rye is so adorable.

Hopeful said...

Your daughter has a very cute smile. She's gorgeous!

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