Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleveland Airport

We had a brief lay-over in Cleveland on our way to Baltimore. While sitting at the gate, we took some pics of the happenings outside. Weather wasn't favorable but the flight line personnel didn't let it bother them at all, they just kept on working.

We flew on the propeller plane going to Cleveland and then picked up a jet going to Baltimore. When we arrived in Cleveland, we were sitting on the plane waiting to disembark the aircraft and we could hear the flight line personnel unloading the baggage.

A female employee was yelling at her coworker "This damn plane is going to blow up". Even though this got a few chuckles out of some of the passengers, I felt a little embarrassed for the airline.

Have a good day everyone.

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Gorgeous pictures by all means. Hugs to the family my dear friend!

Manang Kim said...

Why she yelled like that? I think I'll get scared with her comment hehe. Happy weekdays.

Fish minus chips

Dianne said...

the reflections are fantastic!!
they make the photos even more interesting

Ralph said...

I guess a little levity amongst plane jockeying is to be expected it seems. I haven't flown the Embrarer 145 although our daughter has and she liked it very much.

You might like this Continental post:

Mel Alarilla said...

That's not a good joke John. That female employee should be censured for yelling a sick joke. We know the anxiety of air travelers because of the so many terrorist activities. The last thing that an airline employee could do is make a sick joke like that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Mama Ko said...

Big airport huh. I bet it wasn't that of a long drive for you guys going there. thanks for sharing

Patti said...

I like that the flight line personnel were unflappable.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Hearing that would have freaked me out... I'm not that good of a flyer. I love watching planes take off and land though, just as long as I'm NOT on them. :-)
Thanks again for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comments.
I am extremely proud of my son, and thank you for your service to our country as well!

Tink *~*~* said...

Ouch, bad public relations for that airline - no one wants to hear those words these days!

Tink *~*~*

Felisol said...

Hope you are all safe and sound grounded by now.
Some good, rainy pictures through the cabin window.

Carly said...

Enjoyed your pictures today! I grew up near Cleveland. Unfortunately bad weather in Cleveland is more common than good weather.

Carletta said...

Not something that should be said out loud even in jest in this day and age. :)
Nice shots!

Martha said...

I've never thought of taking pictures of the planes! Great idea. I would have been a bit unnerved -- we can't say things like that when we're getting ready to board -- how can they say things like that?

Ebie said...

I don't think that comment was necessary, it would freak me out too!

These are nice reflection shots!

Light and Voices said...

Good way to spend time at the airport waiting and waiting and waiting. Then hurry up and wait some more. Use the camera! Nice images.
Joyce M

Robin said...

Looks like quite a soggy journey.

Hootin' Anni said... Ohio? Why they're used to this kind of weather, I'm sure.

Great photos.

My Wednesday post..."Alligators in the Sewer?" is published...come see if you have a bit of time today. I'd love your visit.

♥Willa♥ said...

Small plane for me is scary. On the other note,I've never been to Cleveland airport, when we flew two years ago, we used Columbus instead.

LV said...

Rain or shine the work goes on. Glad there was not a big delay in your trip. However, I try to avoid those prop planes. They make me nervous.

Pat said...

Nice photos, but, really? That comment? Not so good. What was she thinking? But it's great to have the camera on hand at all times and see what comes along!

Kathy said...

Not a comment one enjoys hearing from an airline employee when boarding a plane! Yikes! What was she thinking?

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