Saturday, June 6, 2009

mini wrestler

This is the scene in our living room when I am home. My little boy love to wrestle with me hehehe. I had a great time during my one week of leave, I got to make up with my lost time with my lovely kids because of my classes and work.

The JOY of having children is precious!

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Cecile said...

time spends with family is always precious, seeing you and ej and ry is inspiring!

thanks for sharing; the trip went well and we are now back to texas...

tomorrow will a day for unloading the truck and surely another busy day for us...

thanks for the visits and comments...

HOMER said...

So cute!
Hi there visiting you!

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Cody said...

First time here. You got a good theme on you blog.

Looks like you're having precious fun with your son.

Oh, thanks for following my blog.

bluedreamer27 said...

hehe the next Batista was born lolz
so cute

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EJ said...

I agree with you Ms. Cecille! Nothing can beat the happiness we feel when we are with our family.

>Thanks for the visit Homer

Hi LE, thanks for visiting back and for following also.

>What is batista Blue? Anyway, thanks for the visit, okay Ill cast my vote.

anney said...

hehehe! What a fun day you had with your lil wrestler! I'm sure your kids enjoy every minute spending time with you and your wife!

Beth said...

Nice Blog! My brother is a seaman too, my two brothers-in-law and my uncle is a port captain... maybe that's why I like reading your adventures.

Thanks for the visit and comment ^_^

Dhemz said...

it is love to play with their father...I've noticed that with our lil one...:)

Unknown said...

Family time is sure fun time! And many precious moments.

Momzy said...

looked like you're really having fun there, ey!

thanx for the visits!

A.Marie said...

Oh, your kids are just precious!! Great pics and posts; I enjoy reading your blog; I don't always leave a comment, because I get too busy, but I'll try and do better! :)

Lee said...

Hi John, you just wait till he puts on weight couple of years, ha ha.
Great kid there.
Have a nice weekend, Lee.

Ciela said...

Quality time with the kids is really precious. They will surely treasure them all through out their lives.

Enjoy those great bonding moments!

Bonita-(^,^)- said...

ur baby is so cute...hope u can visit me back and follow my blog, just recently followed ur blog...thanks

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!I enjoyed the pics!!watch out if your lil wrestler gained more weight!!

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