Monday, June 8, 2009

Mass in the Grass

We attended the mass at the Pavilion instead of having it held at the Chapel. They dubbed it as the "Mass in the Grass". I like the concept of bringing the mass celebration outside. The only problem I had is my son running around in an open area hehehe. But it was good because all of us brought some dish to share after the mass and it turned out great. We all enjoy the food and we had a chance to socialize with other peers.

The theme for the Sunday's mass yesterday is "The Ineffable Mystery of God".

The first thing our parents taught us about our religion was most probably the sign of the cross. The last thing the priest will do at our graveside is make the sign of the cross over our body. A Christian's life is marked i"n the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit ." The Sunday Bible readings often speak to us about the Father (as originator of all life related to creation), sending his Son or Word (from our salvation) and communicating the Spirit (related to our rebirth from water and the spirit).

The revelation of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, tells us first of all What God is for us. But as to the mysterious unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we can only stammer with inadequate human concepts, which are not able to express the ineffable mystery of God in himself. We want to know. But we must realize that more important than knowing about God is knowing God, the way tow beloved know one another! An intimated person-to-person relationships gives a knowledge that cannot possibly be expressed in human terminology. It is that kind of knowledge of God which ultimately satisfies a human being.

Hope you had a good Sunday everyone!

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Nancy Janiola said...

followed you back, John..thanks for visiting. have a great week ahead!

Cody said...

That is something to ponder about. Thanks for sharing this.

sunny said...

hi buddy, missed going here and i missed celebrating mass!take care man!

Unknown said...

I used to learn the Bible when I was in a convent school. learned hymns, attended mass etc. The nuns were good teachers.

Lindz said...

I attend bible study from time to time and what I look forward to is the food sharing afterwards lol... good to know that you attend mass..

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