Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Personal Finances

Managing money in today's marketplace can be challenging. For a sailors like me, frequent deployments, separation from extended families, numerous moves and anticipated emergencies drain the resources of military families. In the navy, there are trained personal financial fitness coaches that help us analyze our finances which is pretty good especially for a spender person like me, good thing that my wife is very good in managing our finances. Those coaches help us set priorities in order for us to focus on what need to be paid first and eliminate those that we don't really need. They also create spending plans and make our money work as hard as we do.

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Chris said...

Thanks for your service bro!

Joops said...

Thanks for appreciating it man, thanks!

misty said...

thank you for appreciating my contribution hon...

Dhemz said...

You go joops.get more opps..hehheh! congrats...;)

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