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Friday, August 4, 2017

Picket Fence #DIYproject

My husband's initial plan was to put fence  just around the back porch but  I thought  that it would be easier and less expensive  if we include the  concrete side of our backyard since we would need less material.  The  challenge he had was that he didn't know  how to put  a fence post on a concrete.  I told him that we will figure it out and he did.  
By having a picket fence attached to the side of the garage, we can let our  dogs  without  worry that they would ran out and wander around the neighborhood.  I mean it is easier to let them out  and I am glad that he agreed with me because  our backyard looks a lot bigger for the kids and  fur babies to run around to.
 He used his  special  tool to  make  specific cuts for the posts.
 The picket fence comes in a kits also so we  put  it together when it arrived.
We used a metal post holder for the posts.  His buddy at work lent him  a drill for the  screw.  He tried doing it manually but it was taking so long to make the hole so I am grateful that his friend  lend us his tools.
Our fence project took us a long time to finish but I am really satisfied how it turned out.  Our neighbors are complimenting us for  doing it by ourselves and we even had a guy who was visiting our neighbor's house came and  asked us where we got the  fencing that we had, he said it looks beautiful.  I told my husband that we should do this for a living lol.  It was  fun doing it with my husband and our kids helped us a lot too.

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