Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fence is Done, YAY! #DIYproject

Our fence project is finally done, at last after two months of working on it!     Oh let me tell you how relieved I am now that this big project is done. We ordered the panel kits in April and it did not get delivered until the first week of May.  It took   almost an hour to assemble the very first panel, the first is always the  most difficult but as the time goes on, it got easier and  we assembled it   a bit faster.
We decided to buy the kits  although we knew that it would take us an extra time to  do it.  There is no design that we like on the  pre-assembled ones.  At first, my husband  got frustrated but he was okay after we got done with the initial shock lol.
There are many pieces that comes in a kit so it takes a while to put it together.
The kids had their summer job working for us staining the panels after we assembled all of it.  He did  a really good job.  I love including  our children in doing projects like this because it teaches them to be a team player.  They might not realize it but it is a good  lesson for them  in real life when they get older.
I think if we dedicated time just to do  this project all day long, the project would have last  for a week but since we  could only work on it  full days on Saturdays and  a couple of hours  during the weekdays, it took us almost two months.  
There's no instruction how to attach this kind of panels to a post so we figured it out as we go.  On regular fence panels (see  the fence we put at our old home here), you attach the panels at the back of the posts but on this specific kind of panels, we  have to attach it on the side of the posts so  every  holes that we dig  has to be precised in measurement.
We were kind of worried but  at the same time finding humor  when the top of our street burst  in flood.  All the water ran to our yard and flooded our new fence that  wasn't even finish.  My husband said, now is the true testament  to test the panels if the stain we put would protect the wood from water, and it held up pretty good so it was a relief.
I am so glad that  the fence is up already because our dogs can stay in our own backyard.  They used to love running around our neighbor's yard and I feel awful because they feel  terrorized by our pets.  Granted that  our dogs don't bite but for them it  was scary.
Anyway, as soon as the fence was almost done, I did not waste time  and did some gardening around the fence.
We had to order the  hinges and other hardware online because we couldn't find something that my husband like on our local  stores.  Our order  took a week before  it arrive so it made the timeline of pour  project a lot longer.
The empty  dishwasher detergent bucket was  a great tool to use  for the stain.
We had to  buy additional wood panels  to put on the side of the doors.
We couldn't find a matching panels for the  side of the  garage so we decided to use this picket  fencing.  These are made of cedar wood also so  after  staining them, it kind of looks similar to the  other side of the fence.
The bunnies can  slide in between the panels so I put plants  in front of  it to serve as a barricade.  I made two planters for this specific sports but that would be another post next time.

I also chronicled our project via Instagram so it serves as our timeline.  Now I can breath and relax before  school start again.  

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Coming up are some projects that we did in the yard.

18 Smart Readers SAID::

Alli Smith said...

Your fence is awesome! I know it took a long time and was a whole lot of work, but I know you are proud of it knowing you and your family did it all. What a great DIY project - it's beautiful!

Christy Maurer said...

That looks great! I love that you got the kids involved. It shows them that hard work pays off.

Sarah Bailey said...

Oh wow how nice does your fence look, I am loving the topper of it! I would love something like it in my back garden.

candy said...

Wonderful work in the fence. Nice you had the kids helping. Lot of fence to build

joannabri said...

Wow, your fence is beautiful! We never stain ours, but that's a great idea. I love the top too, just a small touch of beauty.

Marcie W. said...

It may have taken awhile, but the finished product looks fantastic! I love the design at the top, as well as the stain you chose.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Your fence looks fantastic! We need to try and do our own. The fence we have now is pretty old and drab.

Melanie Smith said...

You did a really nice job, your fence looks amazing! And I love your kids helping you, great family work!!

Lindsay said...

Your fence turned out really beautiful! Don't you just love it when you're done with a big project like that? I always feel very accomplished :)

Claudia Krusch said...

Wow the fence looks amazing. You did a great job on it. I would love to put up a new fence in our back yard.

Pam said...

The fence looks great! Y'all put a lot of work into getting it done, but I bet the puppies are happy to have a nice safe area to run around in.

Tomi C said...

Oh wow! Your DIY project rocks! That lattice touch is gorgeous. What a great way to get the entire family involved.

Anosa said...

Oh wow you guys did an amazing job and though it took what seemed like forever you guys did it and included your children

S. Graham said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous fence! I love making my own stuff like this!

Unknown said...

Damn that looks so good! I mean better than professional work. I know you must be so proud.

Unknown said...

Haha, what a cute and creative fence. I love how it was made and painted. Surely the kids loves doing it with you.

Sandy N Vyjay said...

The fence looks lovely. I can understand the sense of satisfaction you guys felt when it stood finally ready.

Jennifer G said...

There is nothing better than successfully completing a project! It makes you so excited and this feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. You did a great job love the fence.

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