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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keeping Your Garden In Great Condition

Very much like your hair - your garden grows and it won't stop until you cut it! Or get it cut. One way or another, someone is going to have to work hard at getting your garden into shape. Keeping your garden in good condition is going to seem like hard work, a chore and a bore at times - but you deserve a nice garden to sit in!

There are plenty of tools needed to keep a garden looking good. A lawnmower, pruning tools, hedge trimmers, gloves, rakes, trowels and hoes are the basic tools among others that people use to keep their garden in great condition. These tools are widely available, can be cheap and are easy to find.

The basis of the garden is the lawn, and if yours is in terrible condition there are a number of things you can do. You can either tear it up and replant it with a new species of grass that will afford a little bit more protection. You can attempt to care for it, or you can hire a lawn care service to take care of it. All of these options have their merits, but as usual - getting the professionals in is likely the best thing to do for the longevity of your lawn. It is truly the carpet of the garden and needs to be cared for in that manner!
If the lawn is the floor, then the trees are the ceiling. Tree branches can be a big obstruction and in some cases, a major hazard. What's more, some types of tree are plain ugly and can harbor all sorts of nasty insects and the like. If you don't like a tree, you shouldn't take an axe to it - that can be incredibly dangerous. Get a professional to deal with an ugly, or fearsome tree. Trees do have their benefits, though! They can add a lot of green and privacy to your home. Hedges are the wall of the garden and don't need much care, but they can grow a bit wild, so a trim will be needed at least once per year. Like trees, they add that little bit of natural privacy to a garden.

You can also add to your garden with plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables! Cordon off sections of your garden and add the requirements needed for your chosen plants. Shrubs need little care, but most kinds of flower, plant, fruit and vegetable need constant care to protect them not only from the environment, but the pests that will look to feast on them. Certain types of fruit and vegetable will only grow during certain seasons, so it is well worth the time taken to research information on seeds and growth before you stick them in the ground only to find that you have wasted not just your money, but your time.

Keeping a garden tidy is a constant process, that doesn’t mean it is impossible though! With the right tools, mindset and research, you can master your garden in no time at all.

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