Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New Look of our Living Room 2021

  I was hesitant when my husband said that we should have our flooring done together with the  kitchen renovation because it meant we had to  haul out everything on the first floor (dining, kitchen, office, family room, and music room).  I also love the wooden floors that we refinished before we moved in here five years ago.  However, the new flooring in the kitchen and family room, that the company  we hired have used was not to our satisfaction so my husband said that we should have it all done so we will only have one kind of flooring on the main floor.  The extra cost and the work that involved in it was what held me up, however, I am glad that we did it.  Now we have one flooring and its leveled. 

I also like the fact that by moving all the things downstairs, I was able to visualize what would be the new arrangement to all the rooms.  Our living room is quite big but the way we arranged it before made it a bit smaller so this time, I rearranged the furniture and repositioned everything. 
this big entertainment was on the other side of the wall before and I  talked my husband into putting it on this side so I'll have a huge wall to put all our photo canvasses.  That was my hidden agenda of agreeing to redo the floorings lol.
My husband doesn't like the way I arranged the photos but I hate measuring so I opt to do free style in displaying photos.
We still have the same stuff in the living room but it looked so different there now because of the new arrangement of the furniture and display.  Now I have plenty of room for my indoor plants lol.   
It looks so much better now that everything is in place.   We couldn't use our first floor for 2 and a half months, it was a pain but glad it is over.
I repositioned the piano and rearranged the music corner.
I think it looks better now that the piano is on the smaller side of the wall. Next room I will be working on is our office so I can actually work comfortably without having to put my laptop anywhere.

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