Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Legacy Steel Door and Christmas Decorating

When we bought our second home, we knew that we will have to do  a lot of  renovations and home improvement because the house is  old and a lot of its interior and exterior  features are outdated.  We had new windows installed in January  and it really helped  with the energy cost and blocking the noise  from  outside.  We loved it because now that it is winter, the house is warm and comfortable.   Mind you, we have 31 windows in this house so it cost a lot but  it is worth to have it done because in the long run, it improves the  value of the house and  the quality of life we have living in it. 
The major project we did this year also includes the  backyard fence  that we installed ourselves.  We did not have the money to hire a contractor for it but we got it done for half the cost so it is a major plus for us.  We love our backyard now because we can let the dogs and the rabbits out  without worrying about them running away.  I also love the fact that  I don't have to worry about the neighbor staring when I am at the backyard gardening.
Anyway, this late August, we decided to  have our front door done.  We were going to  try to do it ourselves but we agreed to have  professional do it since it is something that  would be hard to fix if we miss it up.  It cost more to hire someone to do it but we wanted to make sure that it is done right.  We hired West Shore to do it.  We  chose this 36x80 legacy steel door with two  panels 440 style inspiration lily.  The interior color is  snow mist white while the exterior is Valles red.   We picked the  aged bronze Addison grip entrance handle and accent.  This cost $8,221.
We made the order in August 28 but they have to custom order the  door from a company  in Ohio called Provia.  The door wasn't installed until  November 14.  The company where they  ordered the door was familiar to us because we always see it when we go to the Amish  store.   
It took  the installers  five hours to complete the installation.  They were really good in what they do.  I think if my husband and I tried to do this ourselves, it would have took us a month lol.
I love  it now that we have  a new door because there is a lot of natural light coming in the entrance door unlike the old one that we had.  We had a  solid oak wooden door  before and it was  great but it was old  and it wouldn't  lock anymore especially during winter.  The storm door was also busted so we figured to have it done and have a new one.  We  kept the old door  though.  Hubby and I  are planning to use it in the garage side door.  
The casing that they put around the door  kind of  hidden some of the letters on our wall decal but it's okay.  
Before I talk about  our Christmas decor, I would like to thank West Shore for a job well done. They are a family-oriented company. The guy who sold us the door even came during the installation to make sure that the project will go smoothly.  I think it is nice when a company truly cares for their  customers.  
On decorating for Christmas, I always do it early.  My daughter was actually the one who kept bugging me to start decorating already.  I don't really decorate for Thanksgiving so we  decorate for Christmas early so we could  enjoy it longer.  
The kids did a great job decorating the tree.  Our tree  is a rotating one but we don't really make it rotate because when we do, our dogs  go bonkers lol.
Pine cones are the best  to use if you are looking for natural and inexpensive   decor.  My daughter and I  painted  these pine cones few years ago and has been using it since.
Last year, we hung the stockings by the fireplace but this year, we decided to hang them by the entrance door.  My son said, 
We used to have a crab apple in the front lawn but we chopped it down this summer, by doing that we don't have a big tree to put these  balls anymore so I hanged them by the picture window.
This is a snowmen village  that I put together last year.  They are very small to hang in the big  tree so I  thought of putting all of them together and make one piece of  snowmen decor.
Her music corner is also decorated.
The former owner left us this white Christmas tree so we  set it upstairs .  We also  decorated  the railing with bells and garland.
I am almost done decorating for this year.  All I need to do is  hang some Christmas lights around the fireplace  and some  lights outside and I am done.  
How about you, did yo]u start decorating yet?  I know Thanksgiving is a big tradition in most American families so I am guessing  some of you might  wait till after  Thanksgiving day.  I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and may our holidays be peaceful and full of joy.

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joannabri said...

I'd love a new front door. Ours is great and all, but a lot of houses in our area have the same one. I love the window on the side.

Kimberly said...

Your home looks absolutely charming and I love what you did with the Christmas decor. It is beautiful. I don't even know how many windows we have in our home. I had to stop and count! But definitely not 31 windows! The front door is great. I love the colour of it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I just love your door. So pretty! Your decor is pretty too. We'll be decorating on Friday!

Sarah Bailey said...

How lovely is your new front door, I keep thinking it would be nice to have a new door ours is really quite plain. I love your decor as well - do I spot a Winnie the Pooh!

Style, Decor & More said...

The steel door is beautiful! It is so welcoming and is built to last. We have steel doors as well, wood would never hold up to the sun and brutal winters up north.
I also love how you decorated your home! <3 :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you decorated for Christmas. Adding some festive touches to the house is one of my fave parts of this season.

Pam said...

Your tree looks so nice. I love having a rotating tree. Your front door looks beautiful too.

God4bandme said...

We could use a new front door and yours is so nice. You did a great job with the decorating as well. Feel free to come by and decorate our door too.

Adriana said...

I love decorating for Christmas! Decorating the foyer is my favorite - I love garland! Yours looks great - love the colorful bows!

Claudia Krusch said...

I am so excited to start decorating this weekend. I love your new door. The stained glass is such a pretty touch.

Liz Mays said...

The new door looks really good! It's nice being able to check off big projects like that! I love how you decorated around the house!

Anosa said...

Wow, your home really has awesome Christmas vibes. I love it! With regard to your door, I guess, it really needs to be taken care of experts unless you are ready to mess it up. lol.

Cyn said...

I pictured a steel door as being ugly but that's quite pretty. I'm going to have to look into this for my home.

Dogvills said...

I love the new door! I guess it was pretty much worth the wait. Your house looks lovely and very festive with the decorations you have set up.

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

I love the new door! It sure is a great renovation piece. I love the decals over your door too. It just shows how much you value your family and their happiness.

Tomi C said...

A new front door has been on my wishlist for a couple of years. It's a fairly inexpensive addition that increases the value of your home without a lot of work. Your door looks GREAT!

candy said...

Beautiful new front door with the flowers. Decorating is beautiful as well and you have done so much.

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