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DIY Home Improvement Projects and a Letter from the City Mayor

In February of this year, we were surprised to receive a letter from the City mayor.  It made us feel really good!  We have done home improvements on our  former house but we  didn't have this type of recognition so it  was a sweet surprise.  Then again, the mayor that time was a different person.  But anyway, the letter states:
I am writing this letter just to let you know your efforts with maintaining the appearance of your home there on Donnell Street have caught my eye and I want to thank you for caring about your property as you have.  We all know that pleasant and appealing  surrounding influence us in a positive way and promote pride  in our community.
 It is such a pleasure to see a responsible property owner invest their time and resources for the upkeep  of their home and betterment of their neighborhood and city.  Thank you for being a role model for us all and for helping  to make Weirton a great place  to live."
Time flies, I can't believe we   bought this house a year ago already.  It is almost a year  since we moved in and we have done a lot of DIY home improvement like refinishing the hardwood floors,  doing some landscaping, putting new  mailbox in,  painting all the walls, upgrading the powder room,  and installing new windows.
We also built some storage area down the basement and  at the  garage so we could organized all our  seasonal stuff and tools.  Here are my  crew at work.  We have a two car garage but there is no storage there so  it's hard to organize  the tools and things that we normally use outdoors and for the vehicle so we bought  some  materials and  started working on it  during the winter.
It was not pleasant to work there  at the detached garage during the winter because there is no  heater there.  The portable heater that we were using was not enough to warm us up but we  did it anyway.  We have completed  putting  shelves on the other side and still plans to  build shelving on the other side to organize the big tools that we use in the garden.
Our daughter love helping with this kind of project.  I think she has  that natural knack for building things, just like her Aunt Crystal.  You can't keep her out from doing projects like this which is the contrary to our son.  He does not have the patience to  measure things and figuring out  the way to do stuff, he got that from me.  I mean, I love helping but I don't like  measuring and doing all that  exact measurement s.tuff.

My daughter is like my husband, it has to be done right or not do it at all.
She might be  very little for her age but she can do things that other kids her age   hasn't done yet.
She's a great helper for her Dad when it comes to  measuring  as it prevents my husband from bending  over or  going to his knees.
Below is the newly organized  garage, now I know where to look for the things we need.

A post shared by Chubskulit Rose (@chubskulitrose) on

A post shared by Chubskulit Rose (@chubskulitrose) on

I love doing projects like  with my husband.  I am the  calming factor whenever he is getting frustrated.  Below are the shelving we  built at the basement.
We have a big basement so  it is really an advantage.  I hate  looking at boxes laying around the floor so I am glad that we have this storage area where I can organize  things.  
My husband thought that it was enough to store all of our seasonal stuff but he was wrong! We still need to build an additional shelves to fit all the stuff we have and believe me, we did two trips to Goodwill already to get rid of the things we no longer use and need.
Our next project will be the fence. We already purchased all the materials but we are still waiting for ,my husband to get done with school so we could work on it. Right now, he is doing all the final requirements and projects which is stressing him out. I can't wait till he gets done with his master's. He still have one more semester left then he can graduate.

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candy said...

We put up a new two car garage with a work area. Built all the storage areas ourselves. We built storage shelves for all my canned good and canning supplies. Nice to be so organized and can find something when I need it.

Unknown said...

What a great feeling!! It is awesome that the mayor took time out of his day to send you a letter! Congrats!

Unknown said...

I think it's so much fun that the mayor sent out a letter to you! Looks like you're all doing a fantastic job!

Victoria Heckstall said...

I'm sure you had a great feeling t received a letter from Mayor! Such a brilliant ideas how to do DIY home improvement.

Unknown said...

Good job!! First what a cool Mayor to send a letter like that! It does feel good to have someone notice especially someone of important like that. Second, the shelving looks great! My husband is doing the same thing for our small two car garage (we can't fit our van in it anyway). But first, he is building a shed out back of our house. I plan to write about that on my blog too.
It looks great you all did a fantastic job! Love how you got the kids involved!

Unknown said...

I really love home improvement projects. I especially love involving the kids and letting them help.

Reese Speaks said...

It is great to get feedback about the improvements you are making to your home from the mayor. It is also great that you encourage your daughter to be so hands-on with many of the projects. I think it is good for girls to know how to use tools and create or fix things around a home.

The Mommy-Files said...

That's so awesome that you're working on the project together. Looks like things are coming along!

Christy G said...

That is an awesome achievement. I wish that I had a green thumb. When we first bought our home, I planted flowers but once I got sick I stopped doing it.

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

How cool that the mayor sent you a letter like that. Good job! I love that the whole family was involved in this project

David Elliott said...

I wish I were more of DIY kind of guy. It's so awesome that your daughter can and loves to help you out with these kinds of projects. It's such a great family bonding experience.

OurFamilyWorld said...

It's always fun to do home improvement projects with the whole family. Congrats on the letter. It's very important that we always keep our home neat and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to receive a letter from the Mayor. You must live in a great community! I love all of your home improvements. Especially the bike rack. We need to hang ours up too.

Unknown said...

What a fun letter to get! My hubby pride himself in making sure our yard and front yard is always taken cared of.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, I am jealous of that organization. Awesome to get a letter from the mayor, that is such a cool accomplishment.

Rika said...

Wow.. that's an amazing project! Looks like your daughter had an amazing time! Congrats on the letter!

Jennifer G said...

Great Job! We really need some of these things done around our house. Congratulations on the letter from the mayor!

Ada said...

I'd love to do some DIY projects in my future home. It sounds like fun.

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