Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stocking Stuffer, Homesickness, ETC

4 Days till Christmas, yay!  Stockings are  stuffed, gifts are wrapped, and hubby  took two more days for Christmas so yohooo.  I don't have anything to  ask for but wish that I can be with my family from back home.  I miss them especially my Mama.  It's been  7 years since I last saw them and during Christmas, I get homesick because it always remind me of the home I grew up in.  Even though I sent them Christmas gifts, it isn't the same without me  with them.  I was looking forward to talking to Mama  since I thought she is going to my sister in Manila but now my sister told me that Mama won't be able to come, sigh.  Our Mom lives in a remote place  cellphone signal is very hard to find so trying to call her there is like finding a needle in a haystack.  
 Anyway, this is our first Christmas at a new house  and we were excited to decorate it for Christmas.  Hubby and I were busy doing small projects to make the house  the way we want it.
 We have been living here for six months already and it feels like we have just moved in.  We love  living here now though.  Our son still misses our former house but I am sure that he will learn to love this too.  I like it because it accommodates all of us  unlike the first home that we had, it was  a bit small for  the growing family that's why we sold it and bought this one.
 Christmas time is always a jolly holiday for me.  I don't decorate for  other holidays but Christmas.  Growing up, Christmas is all about religious stuff.  It's all about celebrating  God.  We never  had any Santa Claus  experiences, just pure family togetherness and focusing on  remembering God.
 It's exciting to  raise our children with both practises.  We just reduce the  material aspect a little bit.  We make sure to  let them understand what Christmas is all about.
Some of ou0r decors are DIY projects  that my daughter and I made.  We had fun making these  magazine  trees, we made th4ese when we were still at our old home.
 We have a fireplace at this new home but we don't really use it.  My husband is  planning to buy another TV and put it by the fireplace, we will see.
 It's been eleven years since I came here in America and our stockings are still different from each other lol.  I have been planning to buy a set but I never really gotten a new set so these  will serve as our stockings  for now.  The important thing is that they are stuffed for the kids.
My daughter  have decorated the railing with the red garland.  I added the painted pine cones and  faux poinsettia flowers to it.
We also set up another tree  upstairs.  We had a white tree before and we gave it to my  father-in-law when we bought a bigger one.  Then when we bought this house, the former owner  left us a white tree so we used it.  
 Over the last  twp months, hubby and I have been rearranging furniture.  We bought  some new ones and relocated the old ones.  These furniture are heavy  so just  having my husband and the kids were tough especially when we moved the   couch from our living room to upstairs, it was  a back killer since  it was heavy.  I felt bad for my husband as he was battling from  neck injury by the time we were doing all the  moving and stuff.
 It is all settled now so I am relieved.  We don't have to move anything anymore unless we change our minds again lol.  We are happy of how it is set up right now.
 I decided to put a slip cover on the new couch and love seat set that we bought because I am not very fond of the color gray.  
I just wish that these Instant Swivel Wheels came  sooner, it would have helped us  a lot with our moves.  I am still glad to have it though because we are still doing some projects here at home and these would come in handy.  I got these from Shoplet.  The 360 swivel action allows smooth rolling in any direction. It has unique patented mounting options, angled, flat or u-shaped.  I love that each set of 4 wheels holds up to 250 lbs.  Most importantly, it attaches securely to most smooth surfaces, vinyl, plastic, wood, corrugated board, and masonite.

I also got this set of Cleaning Gloves for electronics.  My  computer screen  gets  dusty sometimes so this would be great to use when I clean it.  This is also great in cleaning the smudges  or fingerprints on your phone.  It makes cleaning fun and the microfiber cleaning and dusting gloves attract dust like a magnet.  I love that the deep cleaning microfibers instantly trap dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair and more.  Since it's a pair, two handed cleaning cuts cleaning time in half.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that you enjoy every moment with your family as I do mine.
 Shoplet is a one-stop shop  for all your need in your home office or business.  They have  Office Supplies,   Medical SuppliesCleaning Supplies and many more.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

18 Smart Readers SAID::

Shelly said...

It looks like your house is ready for christmas! I am so excited for christmas because I love seeing my son light up with everything we give him.

Jenny @cookeatgo said...

It can be so hard during the holidays not to get homesick. Your house looks beautiful and so ready for Christmas.

JNoteMusic said...

You decorated your new home so nicely. Sorry your mom won't be there to celebrate with you. Hopefully you can still have a great holiday and make sure she does also.

Unknown said...

Great Christmas decor! I am certainly ready for the season too!

Angelic Sinova said...

I LOVE hoe festive your house looks for the holidays! Shoplift definitely comes like a great one-stop shop for everything you need.

Pam said...

Your house looks so festive for Christmas. I love the poinsettia garland on the staircase. Holidays can be so hard when you are away from family.

Sarah Bailey said...

Oh wow your house is so beautifully decorated, it is an amazing seasons but it can be so hard when you are amazing from certain people. x

candy said...

We were never stationed close to where family lived to ever go home for christmas, I understand your feelings. You have done a beautiful job of decorating and bringing in the holiday spirit.

Unknown said...

Wow! Your house is gorgeous and so festive. The Christmas decorations look amazing! Have a Merry Christmas!

Jennifer M said...

I cannot believe how close Christmas is, I am no where near ready! Your home looks so festive, and your tree is beautiful.

stephanickety said...

Love all the Christmas decorating! I wish we had the time to decorate our house from top to bottom. I just never can find the time.

Rebecca Swenor said...

I love the Christmas decorations throughout the house. The magazine trees are a great DIY project to do with the kids. These Instant Swivel Wheels are a great gift idea and I will have to check them out for sure.

Wendy Polisi said...

Oh my goodness! You're lucky to have an perfect house! Those Christmas decoration are really stunning and unique!

Six Time Mommy TEST said...

Such a gorgeous house! The outside is so festive and just lovely, I think it looks great! I'm away from all my family so I totally understand it can be so hard! - Jeanine

ricci said...

Your home looks ready for Christmas!! I love all your decorations!!

Rika said...

It can be hard! I miss my family too. I wish I could celebrate my Christmas with my sister and parent.s

Unknown said...

oh my what lovely decor. you guys did a grand making everything so christmasy.

Mimicutelips said...

It looks like you guys are all settled in. Just in time for Christmas. I love the festive decor in your new home.

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