Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Music at Senior LIving Place

We visited my father-in-law at Gables Care Center  last weekend.  This is the second home that he is staying at.  The first place where he stayed did not go so well.  He was not well-taken care of there so the  doctor who seen my FIL suggested this place for him.  I can say that it was a lot better, it's really a well-maintaned place and all the  nurses are really nice.  

The kids  decided to  play some tunes for their grandpa  and they ended uyp having some audience.  As it turned out, the old folks there love it when someone plays piano for them.  It's great that they  have a grand piano in the hall.  I wonder if they have a woodwind & brass wind traps drums a400 too?  Who knows, that was our first visit and we had fun spending quality time with Dad.  We are planing to visit again this weekend.

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