Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lily of the Valley

It has been raining here since yesterday. We even had big pieces of hail yesterday. They were bigger than ice cubes! We were worried that it would crack our car's wind shield but luckily, it did not.
We had a very rough Winter and I am sad that  a lot of the plants that I love did not come back this year just like the  yellow rose.  It was one of my favorites  as it smells so good when it blooms but now it's dead.  
The white flower blooms that you see are the  lily of the valley blooms.  I love their smell.  They belong to the asparagus family.  Its scientific name is convallaria majalis.  They comes back every year so they are very good to have.
My clematis are getting ready to bloom as well.
Most of my lilies came back so I am happy!
The photos above were taken by my Samsung Galaxy phone a couple of days ago after  my morning run.  Most of those were   gone now because our rabbit decided to mow them to the ground wahhh.  Our bunny, Wubzy, love to eat all the  leaves of my  plants in the garden.  I was just starting to grow the radishes that is mainly for him but he already  ate them grrr.

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Unknown said...

Very pretty flowers sis :) I love the smell of the lily of the valley too. :D

Travel Quest said...

Silly rabbit! :) I love your lily's sis some of my flowers are blooming too like tulips daffodils and roses.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Awww! sorry about your plants and flowers Sis Rose :-( My tulips few came back 'coz the chickens dug them up but we will plant new ones and next year it's better as the chickens are all in their pen this time :-)

papaleng said...

This is one flower that is associated with the Jesus. He is daw the Lily in the Valley.

Dhemz said...

I need to plant some lilies!

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