Friday, December 14, 2012

Potty Training a Pup

Photo isn't mine

I am so glad that  it didn't take long for us to potty trained our new pup, Bolt.  Within  few weeks of training him, he was already housebroken  which I am very happy about.  We are just fortunate that we have him during summer time because it wasn't  that hard to bring him in and out the back yard.  We actually potty trained him faster than  our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ.     I am a happy  camper that both of them are house broken as it is very hard to clean a soiled carpet  when they do have an accidents.

For those who doesn't have time to potty trained their pet, did you know that you can buy  an indoor pet potty?  Yep, you could.  Just like what you see at the photos.    A friend of mine actually use  the same product  like this one when she was potty training her dog, Maggie.  You can find this product at Modern Puppies website.  Isn't it amazing how technology advances.  Everything has a solution  to an issue such as pet potty training and other  things that has to do with your  lovely furry babies.  It's actually not hard to potty train a pup,  the thing is, you have to have a discipline for yourself and  instill discipline for your pup as well.

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