Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Beauty of Fall

Despite the crappy weather we  been having, I still like Fall because of the beautiful colors outside.  Our burning bushes in the front yeard are so vibrant.  I can't wait for it to become bigger, it would be great.  
Rylie's cherry tree  is also very colorful with its  yellow leaves in full force.  
Then when you  walk a block away, the maple trees from the  school are so beautiful as well.  I just wish that they will stay for a lot longer.  The problem is when there is rain and wind, the leaves falls off the ground so quickly.
But nothing is permanent so I just try to enjoy  it while it lasts.
This is the reason why I love walking outdoor rather than using my treadmill.  At least outside, I get to enjoy  what mother nature has.  
 The burning bush has an orange fruits which is  perfect for  Fall and Halloween color.
 Here are some more beautiful colors.  I took these when we went on the school field and played volleyball.
 Of all the trees, this one is my favorite because   every leaves is in sync.
 A little bit of action from my energetic  kiddo.
I took this shot by the  road  last Sunday.  The burning bushes really stands out.

We only have few more weeks to enjoy the beauty of Fall.  Soon, trees will be bald again.  The effect of dead looking trees outside  makes me homesick.  I have been here in the US for ten years but I still feel homesick once in a while especially during the Winter times and around Christmas especially.  I miss my family and friends.  I don't have many friends here so most of the times, I talk to  friends online.  I miss the times when  my friends and I can talk for hours and enjoy catching up.  That's something I have to live with since I am away from home.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Elizabeth O. said...

Fall colors are awesome! I love looking at the trees during the fall. Very nice!

JOJO VITO said...

amazing....I've never been to Western Countries to see things such as this...wishing...hahahah

Nova said...

You do have a great photography of this Fall and you are right they are amazing, except when the trees starts to shed those leave then you have all those leaves to clean up. your kids are so adorable.

papaleng said...

Ganda naman ng mga photos mo. Fall, sana maabutan ko pa yan pagpunta ko ng Georgia.

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