Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Decor 2015

In the  country where I came from,  Christmas decorating  starts  when the BER months starts, which means that in September, you will see Christmas  stuff out already.  Radio stations even  start playing Christmas songs on this month.  Crazy, you might say but it's just the way it is over there.  There is no big holiday like Halloween  or Thanksgiving over there so  Christmas  is celebrated  earlier and  longer.

When I came here, most people   don't start decorating  until  Thanksgiving is over.  Some even wait  a couple of weeks before Christmas to decorate.  Christmas is the only holiday where I love to decorate so I want to do it early.  My husband always  tell me to wait after Thanksgiving.  This year however, he  encouraged me to  decorate early especially outdoors.  I think he learned his lesson when we did our decorating outside last year and it was freezing.  I am glad he let me put the decorations out early because we had  some  warm weather in November.
 I purchased this big Christmas balls  during the off season sale last year.  Our cherry tree in the front yard is so bare after  the leaves  fell off so  decorating it a little bit gives it some  color.  I super glued the tip of the balls to the  string before I hang them on the branches  so the wind won't knock them out. 
 It was morning when I captured these photos so it  look dark and not as colorful as it is.
 The tree is big and I only have  18 balls so it wasn't enough to cover  the branches but it's okay.  I added some  small balls to them now and it looks alright.  I would love to put a nativity scene  in our front yard but I haven't got a chance to  buy one yet.  Maybe next year.
The green garland I used is supped to light up but some does lights are burnt out so I just did not bother to  plug it but we put another set of lights  around the railings.   I bought  four set of these big bells  also last year  and  hang it in the front railing.
 The big balls and these bells are our new additional decor this year.
 We should have bought all silver color instead of blending the gold ones but I guess it doesn't matter.
 Below is the wreath that my daughter and I  redecorated last year.  We glued some Christmas balls around it and added the poinsettia flowers.
 Below is the wreat we bought a couple of years ago.  I added  the red cloth on it and tie it like a bow.
I get a little bit homesick when  Christmas time rolls around because I miss my family back home.  To cope with that, I  love to decorate and reminisce my  simple but  joyful memoris withmy family back home during Christmas.  You would think, ten years of living here in the States would not make me nostalgic anymore but it does once in a while.  I wish I live close by and visit  my family  often.  I am just thankful  that I am blessed with a  loving husband and two greatkids who cheers me up everytime I am feeling homesick.  But anyway, that's the wrap of  my outdor decor for Christmas.

6 Smart Readers SAID::

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I know the 'missing home and family' part will never cease no matter how much time passes by. It's a sign of a life full of people you love-near or far. And. good thing you did decorate early as our weather here turned bitterly cold yesterday!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Attractive decorations. Love the contrast of red and white on your outdoor railing. Your home is a pretty addition to the street scene.

genie said...

A nice tree shadow and the decorations are perfect. Just the right amount. The house looks so festive.

Ralph said...

These are nice decorations, not gaudy but simple and classy. Nice decorations!

GreenComotion said...

Nice decorations - the tree in the first photo is very nice also!
Have a Beautiful Day!!
Peace :)

Nonnie said...

Your decorations are nicely displayed- not too much, but just right!

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