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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Land of the Morning Calm - Nostalgia # 39

I am feeling nostalgic looking at the photos we've took when we were still in the land of the morning calm, Korea.
Oh I miss being there, I miss the long drive to different beautiful cities, the food, and all the activities that we used to do.

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Vernz said...

once of the places I long to see.. awesome! dropping by for nostlagia.
Nostalgia here

Dhemz said...

what a lovely place...we've been to korea for a very short time, and I can tell how beautiful the place is.

Mel Cole said...

It must be very exciting to be in a foreign place like Korea. I wonder what food they got there. Wish to see it someday...

DeanO said...

This look a little like downtown Miami

LV said...

At least you have your memories which are forever. Just look at these lovely shots, and hope some one else is enjoying them as much as you did.

Star-chuu said...

What a beautiful place!! I love the scenery. Korea is one of the dream place of my daughter to visit...and hope her dreams come true..Thanks for sharing.

clavsupclose said...

what a beautiful place to visit!

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