Monday, December 6, 2010

Sky Shots

Here are two random sy shots that were taken last weekend on our way to visit my Dad. We were caught by the stop light when our son saw these birds on the electric wire. He wanted mommy to take pictures of it, so here it is.
One way of entertaining the kids when driving or traveling is to give them something to do. We always encourage them to count cars according to color every time we go somewhere. They are not only entertained but they are also exercising their counting skills and awareness of everything while we are on the road.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

fredamans said...

Beautiful shots!

Dhemz said...

great shots...I like the last one...those birds are cute!

Anonymous said...

i'm like you i take a lot of photos of the sky while i am inside a vehicle, moving or not.

Maurice Lauher said...

Very nice - I enjoy visiting Friday Skies - it's a way of learning about our world and seeing places I would never see otherwise.

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