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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Our neighbor's dog, Roxy, have visited us the other day and my wife took pictures of her. She is a very friendly dog. I remember when we first bought this house, she used to come over and play with us when we were out our yard. My wife used to say that she wants a dog like her but we ended up having a Jack Russel Terrier and a Pomeranian.

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. We have a chilly weather and a a little sprinkle of rain too over at our end.

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siromade08 said...

Oh that's our dog too his name is Billy if you happen to see him on my previous entry, as in the same. Very lovely dog.

i beati said...

goldens are always happy sandy

bobbie said...

Roxy looks like a lovely dog. Nice shadows too.

Sylvia K said...

Lovely dog and fun shadow shots! It's a bit chilly and rainy here in Seattle, too, has been much of the week. Not the best weather for finding shadow shots! Yours are great! Enjoy your weekend!


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

You are blessed to have that beautiful pet in life. It looks he is so nice and cuddly. Above all, your enjoying with him with his shadows.

Perfect toy. Happy SSS

Ralph said...

Having known a few Golden Retrievers, I see them as friendly and beautiful dogs. She needs to see if any other doggie shave been back, so sniff she must!

Hootin' Anni said...

Roxy is gorgeous!!!

Here are my entries for the day.

Sam said...

She's a pretty looking labrador and has a great shadow! They are sweet dogs labs but I have a feeling they'd go through a lot of food!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Backyard adventure—
sniffing grass, yipping praises,
dog blesses the day.

Wisdom stone

fredamans said...

Roxy is a beautiful retriever!!

Dhemz said...

that dog looks like our dog, Buddy....ehehhehe! however, buddy is not a golden retriever....:) I love your 2 dogs though...they're cute!

Clytie said...

A beautiful yard, and a beautiful dog. Looks like a beautiful day, too!

Happy SSS!

*♥Shydub♥* said...

Looks like a good dog indeed.

Kristin said...

Love the name Roxy. Looks like she's enjoying herself in the garden.

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