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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rylie's Shopping List

This is our daughter's very first shopping list. I remember before when she would just scribble on paper when making a shopping list, now she can actually write them. We just have to spell it for her but she did pretty good with her FSL.
Thanks for dropping by everyone!

24 Smart Readers SAID::

marveling said...

I am so proud of her Dad!

Seiko said...

She wrote it very well.So swee!

Cens World said...

It made me smile just seeing Rylie's first shopping list. It so cute really. Could be a childs writing for us adult but it is serious writing for them. In no time you will be seeing more of those shopping list- i bet.

thank you for visiting my blog and regards to rose

Always take care

nurseabie said...

A great milestone for your lovely baby girl. She wrote it correctly.hehe Congrats to her.

Weng Forsgren said...

hehe, so cute...she now know how to write her shopping list.
My son also do the same but he dont want us to spell for him. He only write some letters in a row but not actually the write words of what he was thinking but he told us what it is lol.
kids are fun and always giving us joy

Dhemz said...

oh my...what a cutie penmanship! she really did a great proud of you rye....:)

Cecile said...

she is very smart! great job raising a smart, cute kids, joops and rose :-)!

amiable amy said...

Hmm...good job ...well, i know she will grow up to be a smart and responsible person.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

There you go, rylie.
You are becoming matured very fast. :)

diane said...

She's a clever kid and has a very proud Dad.

Anonymous said...

a typical daughter for a very good father like you...

Rossel said...

her handwriting is so cute. it's good that she knows what she needs.

Dhemz said...

will grab the badge john...thanks!

katherine said...

good job rye..haha i wonder if she's teenager already, maybe no more ice cream on the list..haha

S-H-Y said...

WOW ice cream LOL, thanks for dropping in my new site and love to exchange links with you when it finish..

Anonymous said... the shopping list! so cute!

P.S. Aubrey thanks you for the compliment!

laterg8r said...

that is soo cute! i am now your follower too :)

Margaret Cloud said...

This is very good writing, don't you just love it when they make you proud. Have a great week and thank you for coming by.

lina-happy family said...

Thanks for drop by. Sorry for visiting you back so late (I've got trouble in my internet connection).

Nice to know your family. What a smart girl, she can write her FSL on herself!

shydub said...

Ahhh that is so cute, nice penmanship for a 4 year old girl. great list Rylie ice cream is number one.

Gorgeous MUM said...

Witty little girl!

Aze said...

Wait til' she grows up.. her list will be like:


haha! kidding ;)

Btw, i have an award for you. Kindly check it out :)

Take care & God Bless you & your family :))

Clarissa said...

lol@Aze!!that's what I was going to write lol!!I'll change them anyway:

Yves Saint Laurent

Have a nice day,Sir Joops!!^_^

Jarlin Paul said...

This is great, John. Let me teach her how to write more things in the shopping list (-:

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