Friday, October 10, 2008

Here comes the ROOSTER!

I really enjoy Chinese Astrology. I find that it is far more accurate than European Astrology. In fact, we used the Chinese birth chart to determine when to conceive to have a boy or a girl. This chart has been in use for approximately 900 years and is very accurate.

My daughter and I are both roosters but with different elements. We have so much in common with the rooster but our elements give us subtle differences. You can scroll to the bottom of this post and check out my sign with element.

My perfect match is with the Water Ox. Just so happens that my wife is a Water Ox. The Ox/buffalo is the hard working, serious loner of the family whose essence is "endurance." The opinionated Ox is determined, strong, and conservative, with a notable gift for manual dexterity and working with their hands. Family and duty are of the utmost importance to the home-spun Ox.

Our son was born in the year of the Dog, his strength is in loyalty towards family and friends but ferocity against enemies. The dog is the watchful warrior of the zodiac.

On Shelly Wu's website, you can get your personal reading, love match and even info on dealing with people that you may find difficult. I've used this info in the past to try and understand a boss that I couldn't get along with regardless of what I did. I determined his animal and how they operate, I changed the way I approached that type of animal and just like that, we were on the same page and working together like good friends. It was amazing. Check it out! Below is what my Chinese astrology have to say!

You were born in a Year of the Earth Rooster!

The Rooster is the military strategist and appearance conscious soul of the zodiac. Finely dressed with a taste for pageantry, the Rooster enjoys a lively, outgoing manner, and is most candid in speech. These efficient and methodical souls, work hard today, applying themselves, planning ahead for rewards tomorrow. Confident, resilient, and industrious, those souls born into Rooster years apply themselves to practical projects. Enthusiastic about details others may have overlooked, RoosterÂ’s refuse to be bossed and are best suited to work over which they have control. Swanky RoosterÂ’s may tend to boast a bit, but this 10th sign of the zodiac is a reliable and excellent friend. Roosters love to socialize and adore adornment and finery. The assertive Rooster needs a strong and self-assured partner whom they can respect. Rejuvenating time of day for Roosters is during their own sunset hours of 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

Earth is the humid afternoon element, the symbol of the protected, padded nest, of peace and serenity; of slow and deep changes. Those born under the Earth element are more concerned with functional and practical aspects of life. They have exceptional practical powers and like solid and reliable objectives. The Earth endows each sign with more foresight and capacity for organization, and Earth element people are effective masterminds and creative executives. Stability, practicality, and reliability characterize those influenced by the Earth element. Earth allows each sign to use optimum resources and make wise and sensible in financial decisions. Those under this influence are serious and methodical in manner, building solid foundations in all that they do. Earth souls tend to be conservative by nature, and rarely exaggerate findings, calculations and expectations. The Earth element shoulders responsibilities admirably and demonstrates huge amounts of patience, whether it be with a hyperactive two year old, or a difficult spouse. Earth's' physical organs are the Spleen and the Stomach; it's flavor is Sweet. Earth's color is Yellow and corresponds to the end of Summer and humidity.

16 Smart Readers SAID::

faye said...

nice post joop!!!!
im also ox same as rose.

laurencia said...

just want to say hello :)
and said that already add your link :)
GBY and fam

Cecile said...

hello, visiting :-) how was the trip?

EJ said...

What Kind of element are you Fe?

EJ said...

Thank you so much Lauren, I appreciate that! Will Add u up too!

EJ said...

Hello Cecille, We had a great time out there! We'll post about it later..

Mommy Liz said...

I didn't think that Chinese Astrology does work. I was born year of the Boar or Pig. I only see Chinese Astrology placemats when we go to Chinese restaurants to eat out. We just don't pay too much attention to it. But, I will now..
Thanks for the informative post..

laurencia said...

you're welcome ..
my prayer always for you and fam .. :)

GBY always Joops

Dhemz said...

interesting to know! thanks for the comment. Oh no, I can't even stand watching the whole movie...I kept covering my eyes...I felt like I was gonna throw up..eeww!love the old version of Rambo. Good to know your back was the trek?

Anonymous said...

nice post...i really dont knw much about astrology, the elements and et cetera..heheheh...the link you posted might help me,lol....welcome back!!!

Kwagoo said...

wow.. my brother's a rooster too :D

chinese astrology is pretty cool, but it seems a little bit complex too. its not just the year that you're born, but also the time that you are born - early morning, daytime, night-time (if im not mistakened)!

EJ said...

Hello Mom of Four, yeah its actually very accurate if you will just take time to read on it. Your comment about chinese restaurant made me miss the chinese food back in our hometown heehe..

EJ said...

Hi Laure, thanks a lot for the prayers, we needed that!

EJ said...

Hello Demcy, I like the original version of Rambo but the more sequels they have, the worse they get.

We had a great time out there in the mountain... Sooo romantic for our anniversary celb'n.

EJ said...

Hello Sunny, I actually enjoyed reading all the chinese astrology stuff, i find it true in my situation..

EJ said...

I agree with you kwagoo, you need to really comprehend what's in their astrology or else you'll be los hehehe..

Thanks for stopping by!

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