Monday, September 29, 2008


How I wish I could turn back time so I could have finish my degree. I admire Asian people especially Filipinos in their perseverance to finish their education even if it meant for them to work hard just to attain their diplomas. I salute my wife for her resiliency in finishing her degrees by herself. I also love the fact that even if she has master's degree, she's still as humble as she could be. I am so proud of you HON!

I was working on finishing my degree in nursing back in the States last year but due to relocation I had to shift to another course again just so I could have an associate degree. I'm not very fond of this online class that I'm in now but I have to focus and stick to my goal. I hope I could at least finish it before we go back to the mainland again next year! Whew!

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pchi said...

Wow! that's great....

life in itself is a school. we learn so much with it.

I am happy you're going back to your home country next year..

way to go!

sunny said...

good luck to you!!!
yep, education is really impt to Filipinos, it is considered as one of the best gifts u cud give to your child.
It's a major factor in life but it doesn't give full guarantee of success.

Have a nice day!

EJ said...

I agree with you Peachy, life is like education... it is a never ending learning or should I say a continbuing process..

Yes, I can't wait till we go back home!

EJ said...

True indeed Sunny, education don't guarantee of success in life but it help in molding a good one in the future..

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