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Monday, June 12, 2017

No Rulebook: Give Your House A Fresh Look

Interior design doesn’t have to be a luxury reserved for the experts. If you’re taking a look at your house and thinking that it doesn’t quite ignite the passion and pride it did when you first laid eyes upon it then it might be time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with a proper makeover. There’s no rulebook when it comes to giving your house a fresh look, but there are certain things you should take on board if you want to give it the most professional, beautiful, and inviting look imaginable. Here are some tips and pieces of advice which might help you give your old, worn-out house a fresh look and a new lease of life.

Start with the exterior.
Interior design is the main thing on your mind, but the approach of tackling exterior design first is something you should take on board. The very first thing you see when you approach your home after a long day at work or a trip out with the family is the exterior of this humble abode. If the outside of your home doesn’t make a strong first impression then it’s unlikely that you’ll feel as inspired by whatever is inside the house.

It’s time to get a little unique with the outdoor space you have available and utilize it to create an attractive image for your house on the surface. Remember that the garden doesn’t have to be a normal garden; if you’ve always been put off designing because you didn’t have much free time and you wanted to use what little spare time you had to simply relax then filling your garden with manmade creature comforts, decking, and other non-natural things might help to create a space which requires very little maintenance. The exterior of your house is definitely the place to begin.

Work on the interior theme.
Consistency is crucial in a home makeover. Perhaps your house has become a jumbled mess of cluttered possessions, clashing colors, and an overwhelming sense of directionlessness. Starting off with a fresh coat of white paint in every room of the house could create a consistent blank canvas over the entire house which could not only brighten rooms by reflecting natural light from the windows but also serve as the foundations for a multitude of new ideas. Just keep the theme consistent. You could consider companies such as Richard Haworth for towels, bedding, and fresh linen; a new theme doesn’t have to stop with a new paint job. You can renew even the most basic of objects around your home to fit the new color pattern or organizational pattern.

Take the natural root.

There’s no better way to freshen up a home than by turning to Mother Nature. Putting some fresh flowers and exotic plants around your household could really add some character to a home which has become a little drab and plain in its modernity or old age. Either way, organic flourishes can add something enticing to any home.
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