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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Transforming Your Garden Into A Relaxing And Tranquil Retreat

All of us have days when we crave some peace and quiet. If you have a stressful job, or you’re run off your feet at home, there’s no better place to retire to than the garden. Spending hazy evenings in the outdoors can help you to relax and recover. Here are some top tips to help you transform your backyard into a tranquil retreat.

Think about colors
Colors stir up emotions and create an atmosphere. Brighter shades like red, yellow, and orange can make you feel energized and lift your mood. Pale, lighter colors can help to calm you down and create a laid-back, chilled-out vibe. If you’re eager to turn your garden into a peaceful sanctuary, choose your colorways carefully. Go for options like duck egg blue, lilac or taupe and avoid clashing or busy prints. You don’t need to go crazy and start covering every stone or fencing panel with paint. Use colors as accents. You can inject different tones with plant pots, candle holders, and soft furnishings, for example.

Embrace laid-back, alfresco dining
The last thing you want when you get back from work is to spend hours in a hot kitchen cooking a meal. Thankfully, there are some excellent outdoor options that can make life easier and enable you to enjoy your garden as much as possible. Barbecues are a summer staple, so why not consider something a little different? If you fancy kicking back on the patio with a glass of red and a delicious, simple meal, why not invest in an outdoor pizza oven? You can find tips and reviews online by visiting sites like Hot Tub Advice.

Section off a cozy area
Spending time in the garden isn’t always about playing with the kids or hitting home runs. Sometimes, you just want to take time out, read a magazine or enjoy a coffee in peace. It’s always good to make your garden a versatile space. Section off an area of decking or put up a gazebo. Scatter some lanterns and oversized floor cushions around. Drape sofa sets with throws and blankets. Hang a hammock from the trees, and snuggle up.

Make the most of lighting
Lighting is one of the best ways to set the tone of an interior or exterior space. Your lighting choices can create all kinds of different moods. In the garden, go for twinkling fairy lights, subtle spotlights or floor-level lighting to add ambiance. If you’re short of ideas, you’ll find inspiration in home and garden magazines and online.

Choose plants carefully
Plants look wonderful, but they also boast other benefits. Certain scents are proven to help us relax. Including specific plants in your beds and planters may help you to sleep better and conquer stress. Lavender is a popular option. Plant it near your sofa and let the aromas drift through the air.

For many of us, there’s nothing better than getting out into the garden when we’re feeling a little fraught. If you love spending time outside, these tips will hopefully help you to transform your backyard into a heavenly haven. Go for soothing color tones, and use furniture, cushions and throws to create a cozy seating area. Indulge in a post-work soak or climb into a hammock and have a snooze.

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