Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Office Furniture that Stands Out

Hubby and I are a perfect match, do you know why? Because his weaknesses is my strength and my weaknesses are his strengths. Say for instance with finances, he is a spender and I am a saver. He can sometimes be an impulsive buyer but I am the opposite. I like to think it through over and over again before I decide to buy it. Sometimes he gets frustrated when we pass a good deal but I look at it in a greater perspective. If the things that he wants to buy are things that we can live without, then it's worth passing a deal even if it's a great one. I mean I would not mind if we have a lot of money but since we are an average family whose income is just enough to pay the bills and give us a comfortable living, I make it a point to prioritize where our money goes. I don't really want to be buried in so many loans because I don't like stress of having debts. 

But anyway, if you want to buy an office furniture, I have an extra set here  that is in great condition.  I can sell it for a  very low price.  It is the office furniture that my BIL gave us few years ago.  It is just sitting in the basement and I'd like it to go to  give me some space.  It has a nice filing shelves and  display for your knick knacks.  Or if you are looking for a new Catering Equipment or  Reception Counters ,   of course the best thing to do is browse   different selection online.  Take a look at the photo below, it's sleek and very polished  office furniture that you would want.  It makes for a very sophisticated and professional office space.
Gillies 1200 x 1800 x 600D Workstation in setting. Colour combo Blackened Lime and Slalom
My mind is just spinning right now,  I bumped into so many articles that worth reading like the Optical Cable from this  website based in Australia.  It is amazing to know how  communication gets so much faster because of the new technology that   companies offer these days.    You will never run out of option.

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! It looks very sophisticated. I love the flooring. Is it of wood or tile?
Broadway Office Furniture

Unknown said...

such a pleasant place to work.. I love the table this would be perfect for managerial position

Deidre said...

Through reading this blog post anyone office decoration sense will improve definitely. I really enjoyed learning office furniture that stands out mentioned each views. Indeed a great work has been done!! Thanks.

Laura said...

That's a very nice looking office room decoration. I just like that decoration from the look through that image. I really enjoyed the experience both of you having through working together it's joyful indeed. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! really simple but looks rich... i really want to decorate my office like this only.. thanks for sharing

Anne Cole
BM Office Furniture

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