Monday, October 28, 2013

Games for Future Doctors: A Not So Serious Look at Med School Alternatives

So you want to be a doctor but you’re worried about spending all that money, and time, attending medical school. We do live in a technological world so it makes sense that you would be able to learn how to be a doctor simply by video games, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, there are a number of video games that allow you to try your hand at diagnosing and treating patients.

Life & Death - The whole idea that you can become a doctor simply by playing video games started in 1988 when The Software Toolworks created Life & Death. Life & Death is still considered to be one of the best realistic medical computer games that is ever been released. In this game you get to play a doctor who works at Toolworks General Hospital. It is your job to diagnose and treat a number of different conditions including things like arthritis, kidney stones, and aneurysms. Should your patient require surgery it is up to you, Doctor, to become the surgeon that saves your patient’s life. All the graphics in this game are definitely not up to par with today’s standards the game is still extremely fun to play.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game - Interested in a little more drama with your surgery? Take a look at Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game. As soon as the game starts to learn that there has been an outbreak of diphtheria in the hospital. You must help all of the popular characters from the television show help to control the diphtheria while, at the same time, handling all of the other patients that come into the hospital. This requires you to perform MRIs, CT scans, and to become a radiologist by reading x-rays. Of course, you also be required to perform a number of surgeries but beware: if you lose all five of your hearts you must attempt the surgery all over again.

Trauma Team - Everyone knows that the Japanese put out some of the best video games in the world, and Trauma Team is no exception. If you’re looking for a video game that allows you to truly attempt every facet of being a doctor, Trauma Team is your game. You get to be a first responder, more commonly known as a paramedic, a general surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, and endoscopic surgeons, and the diagnostician as well. Linked in with all of the surgical procedures is a drama filled hospital with characters who have complicated back stories and who all seem to interconnect with one another. Basically, it’s much more like real life than many other video games.

House, M.D.: The Video Game - Are you a bit cranky? Like the boss people around? Like to solve puzzles that no one else can solve? Look to House, M.D.: The Video Game to help fill your cravings of domination and narcissism. In this video game you get to be Gregory House, the grouchy doctor at Princeton Plainsboro hospital. With five unique cases to solve, it’s up to you to use all of the medical knowledge you possess to save your patient’s lives.

Scott Campbell is a video game addict and a guide writer for Killer Guides who has spent a lot of time playing various kinds of video games and does not recommend that you take your video game medical knowledge out into the real world.

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Mai Songalia said...

Wow, these are great game suggestions. I think I would like to try House MD. Hope the game is as good as the TV series.

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