Saturday, September 7, 2013

Enjoy a Great Auckland Holiday

Oh time flies.  The big holidays are coming which includes  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  My kids always look forward to these   big holidays.    Christmas for me is  a mixed emotion  most of the times because it always  makes me homesick.  I always miss my family back home  during  Christmas times.  The weather is  actually getting cool over here at our end.  I am not looking forward to a freezing weather  on Winter.   One wish I have for the coming holidays is  an enjoyable getaway in Auckland or  any other beautiful  spots in New Zealand.  I know that this would remain  a  wish but it is nice to see  and enjoy the beautiful  view of the country  through the online resources.  

Hubby and I were talking about  our next getaway  next year.  We  both agreed to set aside some amount every month so we will have  some savings  for next year's tip.  We do not know where to go yet  and it will  depend on how much  it will cost so let us see.  I would definitely put New Zealand in the list for  future getaways if given a chance.  Other countries that I would like to visit is Australia, Canada,  and Europe.  That would be great if we could afford it hahaha.  I think I should start trying my luck in playing lottery  so if I win I could travel to the places I have mentioned lol.

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MzBaker said...

What a Beautiful place!

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