Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handybook, Plumbing Solution

When our main bathroom had a plumbing  problem  a couple of months ago,  the plumber  that we hired offered a discounted price to fix the problem.  He said that he can replace  the pipes  and everything for over a grand.  We thought of taking the offer  but then we decided not to because that time, we were on the process of  looking for a new house to buy.  The said plan was never realized so now we are back to just   hiring someone to  re-do the plumbing system her at home so we won't have to experience that kind of problem again.  Good thing there is a Handybook Plumbing where you are given a choice to  look for a plumber that  can work  on the plumbing system at your house.  

You can book an appointment instantly and they guarantee to provide service on time.  I like this website because  it is very user friendly, all you have to do is put in your  zip code and then  choose the  issue you want to be addressed and  the system will find you a the nearest plumber available to  work on your  home.  Plumbing is definitely not a favorite thing to do of my husband.  He hates it with passion lol.  So having this Handybook  website is   a great option for us.   Have bookmarked the site so I don't have to  look for plumber in the stinking  book again.  

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riz said...

repair cost there are pretty high. good thing here in our place, labor (some) can come cheap or, i'm thankful that i have my own free handyman

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