Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Dickies Xtreme Stretch 82850 Scoop Neck Top Professionals in medical profession these days have an edge over the olden days because they can now find fashionable scrubs to wear in performing their job.  Gone are the  days where professionals that work ion the medical field only wears white  because   scrubs are now available in different colors, styles, and design.  So it depends on what facility you work with, you will surely find a fashionable scrubs just  to suit your needs and taste in fashion.  There is an on-going pre-Thanksgiving sale  at Medical  Scrubs Collection that will give you a 20-25% savings with no coupon required.  Just  visit the site and you will find the  items that are on sale. (Photo included in this post isn't mine).  They have tops and pants for men and women and they also have footwear, hosiery, scopes, and other  accessories.  

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