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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bridal Shower

Hubby and I  have been married for almost nine years now but I can still  remember the day my boss and  my close friends threw   a bridal shower for me.    It was held in a  private resort and it was so much fun.  I never experienced attending  a bridal shower before so I did not have any idea.  It was so nice of my boss though, she organized it and  we had a blast.  I still have the  naughty gifts that they gave during the  event  hehehe.  

If you are throwing a bridal shower  for your friend, daughter, or to anyone that you  know, you should check out the bridal shower invitations at Invitation Box website.  There are different available designs that you can choose from depending on how you like it    think that  having a bridal shower  relieves  some stress off the bride-to-be's mind.   With a lot of  things  to think about  to a wedding, a bridal shower is  a must for the bride.  To  have a fun night or day before the wedding is a great time for the female and her  close female friends and family.  

I will try to  scan some photos tomorrow about my bridal shower and upload it here in this post.    It's nice to reminisce  such fun times, it still gives me giggles whenever I think about it.    But anyhow, the above mentioned website will give you the edge in  designing an invitation that would fit  your taste and style.  The pricing is affordable and would surely  fit your budget.  It's funny whenever  I told my daughter about  my wedding, she would always get serious and would ask me if she could wear my wedding gown  if she gets married.  Sometimes, it  shocks me that she thinks about those stuff at a young age lol.  But I am glad that  I  brought my wedding gown here because I got to show it to the kids.

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