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Friday, July 12, 2013

Feeling Good

Have you ever listen to the song Feeling Good by Anassa O'Neill?  This young lady is only 13 years old but the power  and control of her  voice is so  mature and  amazingly beautiful!  There are so many great talents out there that we have yet to  hear  and thanks to Youtube because a lot of these  are now emerging at this  very popular   website.

Youtube is such a  great website when it comes  to finding  stuff like tutorials, old  music videos, do-it-yourself projects, and many more.  I even  watched news  from it about my country.  Kudos to the  one who created the site and for offering it for free.  It is a great avenue to  discover great talents and a great resources for things that you need to know.  Anyway, back to Anassa O'Neil,  you can  visit   the link above and see her other songs.  She has an amazing voice, the command and the power that she exudes when singing is   just  beautiful.  

How about you, have you ever use youtube for anything?  I usually use it whenever I have to upload a video that is needed for my review  or if I want to  show my friends and family a video of my children.

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