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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Island in the Kitchen

We have been planning a kitchen makeover in the near future.  Our kitchen is very outdated, so everything must go.  We have a good idea what type of cabinets and counter tops to install but we haven't decided on what type of fixtures or under cabinet lighting will finish the look.  After all, the right lighting means everything when you're trying to achieve a certain appeal.  My husband  really want us to start the project   this year but I am still hesitant as we don't have the budget yet.   For the meantime, I was looking at the selection of  cool lighting fixture at  kichler and so far I love their Crystal Skye type of lighting.

Hubby said that if we ever have the  kitchen renovated, we  would like to have an island in the middle of our kitchen as we have a  pretty good size  kitchen.  I like that idea too and I hope that  we would be able to afford it.  What I would like to have is  spacious cabinets to store all our kitchen stuff and to have a proper exhaust  system.  Right now, I don't think our  exhaust system is working as  it smells inside the house whenever I cook fish or even just fry a anything in the kitchen.  We are planning to  hire our  two good neighbors to do the job as they are cheaper  compared to hiring a professional builder.

According to   wikipedia, there are three different  types  of under cabinet lighting available for residential use in the USA  which includes incandescent, fluorescent, and LED.  You can find out more about it when you visit the link to Wikipedia.  Florescent lamps always reminds me of home as we use florescent a lot in  households in the Philippines.  When I  was working in  school,  they use a o lot of LED lights  to conserve   electricity consumption.  

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