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Monday, April 29, 2013


Today, more and more people have safes installed in their homes to protect their important documents. With recent improvements in technology, owning a biometric safe is not just for the military or someone in the government. Biometric safes re more accessible to homeowners, and the homeowner is taking advantage of purchasing these safes for many reasons. A safe is a product that has a lock that keeps anyone from entering it and protects the contents inside. The biometric part comes in with how the lock opens. A biometric safe uses a detailed image of your fingerprint for accessing the safe. There are other ways a biometric safe can be opened, and even though using the fingerprint is the most common way of opening a safe, biometrics can also open a safe using DNA tests, retinal scans and voice recognition  Fingerprint recognition happens to be the most affordable option. 

The biometric safe is programmed with a combination code just like other safes, but it will be your fingerprint that actually opens the safe. When you purchase a biometric safe, you will go through an enrollment process where a scanner reads your fingerprint many times to make sure it has the perfect image of your fingerprint. Then, the software stores that image. It is totally impossible to falsely duplicate your fingerprint, so no one but you can open the safe. If you have something valuable you want to protect, a biometric safe is probably the right choice for you. The safe is great for fast access, because there are no combination dials to turn or buttons to push. This is very useful for a pistol because if you need it fast, you can get to it. Owning your own biometric safe is well worth your money.

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