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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seniors Guide Online

We had a very busy day yesterday. We went  to the  hardware store in the morning to get   the things we need to finish up our bathroom renovation and on our way home, we visited my Father-in-Law for a couple of ours.  It's been days since we last visited him and I know that he's got to be very bored just sitting around the house  on a cold weather like this.  He does not drive anymore so  it is another thing that he probably missed doing.  My husband  drove him down to the store  so he could shop for the things that he needs.  He usually says no when we ask him if he needs to go to the store but this time, he immediately said Yes!  So I know that he really wanted to get out the house.  

Growing old here in America is  very different from what I  accustomed to in my country.  Over there, when you grow old,  you live with one of your children.   There are  nursing home there too but only few uses them.   It is a great option though that USA has so many nursing homes facilities like the Nursing homes Raleigh because I know how  busy people here are.  Most people here works all the time so  when you are old and can not take care anymore, your best option is to stay in one of the Assisted living facilities Raleigh or any nursing home facilities in your area.  At least at an assisted  living facility,  someone will check on you from time to time and you do not have to worry about maintaining your home.  Visit Seniors Guide Online to find more details about their services..

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