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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clubbing in Magaluf 2013: Evening Epicness

Everyone knows clubbing in Magaluf guarantees crazy carnage. There is simply no other clubbing hot spot quite like it. Under two hours away from the UK, off the east coast of mainland Spain, Magaluf is made for die hard clubbers who want to book it, pack it, and... party.

After another epic season, Magaluf 2013 promises to be bigger and better yet. While the strip is always on hand with its array of pubs, clubs and bars for a DIY sesh, booking with a trusted clubbing holiday company will ensure you're in for the most immense time of your life.

Pre-arranged events and after dark shenanigans are organised and sorted for when you arrive. Forget fussing about where to go each night. You won’t have the chance - do it right and your itinerary will be brimming with brilliant Magaluf events that are simply too good to miss.

So what’s in store? Prepare to have any agenda you had in mind blown well and truly out of the water. Make sure you go the full hog and get a clubbing wristband, which will entitle you to some free and discounted drinks all night, every night.

Monday to Sunday is the weekend in Magaluf. The days are irrelevant. Whether you’re heading to BCM’s infamous foam party, Maga’s school disco, the Silent Arena or the paint glow party, just go with flow. It’s pure clubbing chaos.

Make the time, one night out of your week, to head over to Pirates Reloaded. The uncensored showing of the family dinner cabaret, you’ll get to watch the swashbuckling raunchy pirate antics over a jug of sangria and a pint of ale with your mates. Top night out not to be missed.

Ready to be let loose on the strip? Google for the good stuff and book your break with a trusted clubbing holiday company – what’s the point in doing it any other way?


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