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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Think You Can Dance

Dancing is not really my cup of tea maybe that's why my daughter is not really into dancing.  She tried to  do ballet for almost six months but she decided not to join the recital.   She is however interested in learning the traditional dance of the Philippines.   She actually tried once during the  fourth of July when  a Filipino friend invited us over to their house and they had a practice out there.  She really liked it.  Unfortunately, the practices is in Pittsburgh which is a bit far f from us so we are still contemplating if we would enroll her or not. 

Anyhow, we like watching dance shows on TV like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Do You Think You Can Dance?"  I can't just imagine how grueling  dance audition can be because even if you have a talent, there are so many  talented   people out there too.  Some contestants have   dance coach and some just learned  it by themselves.  I admire those  talented people who can really dance because it is something that I could never do.  I don't have the flexibility and talent at all lol. 

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