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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Air Purifier

Remember the issue we had a couple of weeks ago about our air condition unit? The son of our good friend and neighbor came up to our house and  inspect the problem.  He brought the tools that gauge how much Freon is need and he said that it is still almost full.  As it turned out, the old air condition unit, which we have, has a reset button.  He said that when the unit gets over heated, it automatically shuts off.  I was so glad that he came up instead of the former   company that we hired last year to check on it.  They told us then that it needs Freon and he charged us an arm and  a leg.  What he did not told us is the fact that there is a rest button  in the unit.

Anyhow, the said  turn around gives us the time to save for a new  unit next year.  We have to replace it anyway because it is old.  Having said that, hubby wants to use an air purifier also when we  buy our new unit.   Rabbit Air has a big selection of this type of product.   Air Purifier is a great option  especially if you have kids because they are so vulnerable  and prone  of getting sick.    This cleans the air that is blowing in the unit which makes it healthier for the whole family.

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