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Monday, September 27, 2010

Take Your Mobile Audio Experience To The Next Level

The never-ending hustle and bustle these days means that a great deal of us spend a significant amount of time in our vehicles. Whether it be the commute to and from work or going from job site to job site, the entertainment system in our automobiles is what helps us to keep our sanity and enjoy the downtime associated with being stuck in traffic. If this sounds like your routine, you too spend a lot of time in your car. This means that a quality entertainment system is key to a happier and healthier you. What exactly makes one entertainment system better than the other? Usually the quality and reliability that comes with name-brand products, the various features offered, and the device being user-friendly.

Dual Electronics has addressed all of these important issues and more with the launch of the XDMA6630 mobile receiver. I really enjoy the built-in Bluetooth technology, with an external microphone, which makes for nice clear conversations and a safe drive for everyone on the road. This unit is playback compatible with many external devices, so hooking up your Ipod or Iphone to the front USB port adds convenience and pleasure to your entertainment experience. The 3.5 mm auxiliary input and two RCA preamp outputs give you plenty of room to expand and raise your system to the next level. There are too many features to list here but one key point that I'd like to mention is its affordability. I was simply amazed by how much bang-for-the-buck you get from the XDMA6630. So if you want to increase your "Cool Factor", try the new gadget for your ultimate car audio enjoyment.

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