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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Financial Matters

As you can see in my latest post, I've been covering the topic of personal debt and I am very happy that we are almost finished paying off everything. I could have never done this without my wife's diligence, discipline, and determination to get our finances in tip-top shape.

Our latest endeavor has us reviewing our investment portfolio looking for better ways to save for the future. Now that the economy is picking up, any loss we may have suffered has been reversed and we are back in the game. We had lost a large percentage of our investments when the market dropped mainly because I like to invest aggressively. Even though my wife is very skeptical of the stock market, I held on to my belief that a rebound is around the corner. Once this rebound occurs, we will reap a substantial gain from our patience. I believe that the best time to invest is when the market is doing poorly.

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Saurabh said...

Hi John,

Stock markets offer amazing benefits- incredible returns, great liquidity and growth opportunity. however, being an economics student, i guess i can only share with the skeptism of ur wife. retail investors must never, in my opinion, invest too aggressively in the stocks. u never know when another downturn may emergre! And guess what, I call myself an optimist LOL ;)

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I guess that I am alot like the other commenter, Saurabh; I am probably a little too skeptical of investing too aggressively, but maybe that is just my nature! :)

I am what my husband calls a pessimist-optimist; I am always optimistic that something pessimist-ically is about to happen! :)

Joops said...

I believe the stock market acts like a sine wave. You have your ups and your downs and they are usually pretty consistent. I actually like it when they go down because that provides opportunity to make even more money. Buy low and sell high. I know that it seems like a gamble at times, but you can't achieve your financial goals without some type of risk, unless you have a whole lot of time.

Lindz said...

although our economy here haven't been affected of the downturn like other developed countries our stock market has suffered a bit and a lot of investors loss or didn't gain anything, we in fact has lost so much but it started even before the world recession so I am not really into investing to the stock market but my husband is, I guess it's all like gambling your money

Joops said...

It is a bit of a gamble Lindz but if you do your research before investing and study the trends, you can usually find a reliable investment.

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